Draworder by layer

Draworder by layer

The function serves to change the draworder according to the layers

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  • ModPlus menu
  • ModPlus palette
  • AutoCAD ribbon
  • Command line: _mpDrawOrderByLayer


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The function has two possibilities: change the drawing order for the specified layers and automatic positioning of the drawing order for two layers

Reorder by layer


Specify in the list of layers those layers that need to be processed. Arrange them in the order you want and click Apply. The following items are provided for managing the list::

3 - reverse the entire list
4 - select all layers
5 - unselect all layers
6 - inversion of selection
7 - save the current position of layers in the drawing
8 - load and apply the layer position stored in the current drawing. Layers that have been added after the position is saved will be moved to the end of the list

Auto mode - automatic positioning of entities on a layer


This feature allows you to track entities on specified layers and move them either in front of entities or back of entities

Apply - apply changes and close function window