Selection and calculation of the mass of rebar according to normative documents

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  • ModPlus menu
  • ModPlus palette
  • AutoCAD ribbon
  • Command line: _mpMeshes


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The main function window is divided into several main parts:
The top part displays the name of the selected regulatory document.
Next comes a control containing tabs that comply with the regulatory document.
For each tab (each regulatory document) its own set of window elements.

Below is the field in which the grid symbol is displayed (as well as in the "Designation" cell of the "Specification" table), the calculated mass of the grid, the slider for rounding the mass of the grid (the number of decimal places from 0 to 5).

Insert - go to AutoCAD to select the specification table and fill it.
Select table:
AutoCAD table selection. The table must contain at least 4 columns.
Select row:
Select row in selected table.

Attention! The result of the mass calculation is inserted into the table, taking into account the separator of the integer and fractional parts, set in the ModPlus settings.