Function allows you to create, store and add layer sets, text styles, dimensional styles and multileader styles

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  • ModPlus meny
  • ModPlus palette
  • AutoCAD ribbon
  • Command line: _mpStandards


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1 cache

The tab contains 4 lists for work: Layers set, Text styles, Dimension styles, Multileader styles. Each set contains standard ModPlus styles that can not be edited or deleted.

To work with lists, use the following buttons:

6 - delete the selected style from the list
5 - opens a window for creating a new set of layers or a window for selecting styles from the current drawing to add to the appropriate list
4 - edit a set of layers in a special window
To add/remove layers in a set, use the checkmark in the first column
There is a possibility to create a layer and edit the basic layer settings (Name, On, Freeze, Lock, Color, Linetype, Lineweight, Plot)

Add selected - Adding the selected styles to the current document.

Export - Export of all styles except standard ModPlus styles to an xml file.

Import - Import styles from the specified xml file.

From file


9 - specify the file from which you want to copy the standards

On this tab you can copy the selected standards from the specified file



The tab contains various settings for the function. Editing settings is only available in the full version of the function