Copy with numbering

Copy with numbering

Copies the selected text or block with an attribute containing a numeric value, changing the value to a specified numerical step

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  • ModPlus menu
  • ModPlus palette
  • AutoCAD ribbon
  • Command line: _mpTxtNumCopy


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Select text, block with attributes or a multyleader:
Select one-line or multi-line text, block with attribute (s), or multileader.

Если выбранным элементом является блок с несколькими атрибутами, то появится окно выбора атрибута:


If the selected text contains several numbers, the function will prompt you to select one of them:


Accept - end the number selection and continue the function

Cancel - close this window and terminate the function

If you change the separator of the whole and fractional part in the window for selecting the number from the text, the separator is saved in the global settings of the ModPlus plugin

Base number: . Enter the increment step:
Enter the number to which the value will change.


Next, the settings window will be displayed:


Base number - selected number.

Increment step - the number by which the base number will increase.

Save text BEFORE and text AFTER - save the text before and after the variable number. Disables the ability to specify a prefix and a suffix

Prefix/Suffix - fields for entering a prefix and/or suffix.

Leading zeros - add leading zeros to a number in case the number does not satisfy the form of the digit. For example, if you select the "Dozens" option and copy the number 1 in steps of 1, you will get the values: 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, etc.

Suppression of tail zeros - removing from the number of all tail zero.

Result: - field in which an example of the function is displayed with the specified settings.

Continue - close this window and continue the function

Cancel - close this window and abort the function

Next, the function will go into the AutoCAD space to continue execution:

Base point:
Specify base point.


Specify a point:
Specify an insertion point for a new single-line or multi-line text, block, or multileader. Specifying the insertion point for a new object will occur cyclically until the function is canceled by the user (by pressing Esc)