3D section box

3D section box

Cuts the selected elements in the view cube, with the possibility of specifying the size of the view cube

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  • Revit ribbon


32x32px 16x16px


The function operates in two modes: selecting the elements before processing and processing the preselection. If there are no pre-selected items, you will be prompted to select the items:

Select elements for 3D trimming – the choice of any elements in the model from any kind. After completing the selection of the elements, a transition or creation of a 3D view with the name like {3D-username}, where username – the name of the current Windows user.

A selection of 3D elements will be created around the selected elements with proportional indentation relative to the selected elements and a window for changing the 3D:


When dragging the slider, the 3D border will change uniformly relative to the selected objects.

In case of reuse, the functions on this 3D view will create new 3D appearance borders for the new selected elements.