Schedule lookup

Schedule lookup

Search for schedules in a project that contain the specified value

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The function allows:
  • Find an unknown table inside the whole project that contains a definite
    a) field name
    b) column heading
    c) cell value
  • Find an unknown table inside the whole project that contains several user specified values.
  • Find a table containing a field name even if this field is hidden.
  • Determine whether specified value comes from a key schedule and key schedule name if it does.
  • All of the above searches can be done ignoring the value case or knowing only a part of the value.


Function starts from the main window:


At the top of the window is a field in which you want to enter a value that the table you want to contain. You can specify multiple search values by typing them in the delimiter character. In this case, only the table that contains all the specified values will be searched.

To quickly enter a delimiter character, just type two spaces in a row

Next, specify where to search for the entered values:

Field name – in the names of fields or parameters
Colemn name – in column header names
Cell value – in cell values.

Below you can specify additional settings:

Delimiter symbol – change the delimiter character used to separate multiple values specified in the search field
Ignore case – case insensitive search for values
Search substring – indicates that the value in the field value is part of the search value. For example, to search for a value Basic it will be enough to specify in the search field Bas and check this box

Next are the search controls, a field with progress and search status

Find – run a table search using the specified parameters
Clean – clear input field for search
Cancel – closing the function window

In the event that the tables with the desired values are found, a window with search results will be displayed:


When you double-click the left mouse button on the line in the list of results, a detailed search result window will be displayed: