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ModPlus - take with you on the road!


Yes! Yes! Yes! That's right - now you can tie ModPlus to ANY media!

A few words about it more

The idea was thrown at me in a group ModPlus in VK. I will not say that this update is very valuable for me personally, BUT! I respect and value my users!))

So, the update of the Configurator (it also includes updating the working files, but that everything was updated at the same time - combined) carries a very important innovation: now there are two options for binding the plugin: to the logical drive C: / (old version) and ANYWHERE physical disk (new version)

What does it mean? The old version took the serial number of the logical drive C: /, which after working with logical disks (formatting, resizing, etc.) CAN CHANGE. By the same rigidly binds the buyer to one computer.
But the new version gives you more options! If you need a plugin on one computer - just bind it to the hard drive. And if you need a portable version - attach it to a removable media (external hard drive or USB flash drive). Now, once you have purchased the functions, you can use them at work, at home, at the site, or take your mom to Podolsk to show) You only need to have a removable media in the system while the plugin is running. Naturally, at first it will need to be selected in the configurator. And of course the Login must match

And since I appreciate my users - having bought a plug-in with a binding to a logical disk can get the keys for binding to a physical disk completely FREE OF CHARGE! How to do this is described in the configurator

Well, I think everything is quite clear) I hope problems and questions should not arise. Good luck to all)