Working with the server

Working with the server

I've been talking for a long time, completely unconcerned that the ModPlus plug-in is the only unique product for AutoCAD. And today in the list of its uniqueness one more item is added - work with the site server! For seeding, I'll show one screenshot:


Well and more in detail read further…

Of course the phrase "site server" sounds straight still arrogantly =) No, the site does not have its own server. But the host site - is. And there is FTP (so as not to be confused in all these meanings, I will conventionally call this "server"). So it's time to use its possibilities. After updating the Configurator up to version there are new "buns" and I'll tell a bit more about them

Firstly, you can now upload your configuration file to the server. I will remind you that the configuration file is a file in which all your program settings are stored, information about the functions and activation keys and, what is not unimportant, the settings of the functions. And now in the Configurator there was an opportunity to upload (and download naturally) your configuration file to the server.


As you can see from the screenshot, you need to enter a mail address. It is needed to identify you on the server (for each mail address create it's own directory on the server). It is advisable to use the address specified during registration on the site. In this regard, and not only I removed from the configurator the ability to connect another configuration file. This, though, and expanded the possibilities, but I came to the conclusion - it does not take more.

Secondly - now you can upload your file with the keys to the server. Well, of course, you can also download it back. Here, I'm sure everything is clear - everything is similar to the configuration file.

Then there are two new possibilities that are important for me


Thirdly, now the auto-updating module sends files to the server with errors. Of course you can disable this feature in the settings (in Configurator), but I strongly recommend that you do not do this. If you "caught" the plugin's error, then remember that it appears in a special window, in which was the "Save to file" button. This was done specifically so that users could send me the plugin's errors. But we are all lazy people! Now there is no this button and errors will be saved to the file automatically. All these files are located in the folder /ModPlus/Errors/. When the error reporting feature is enabled, the auto-update module will send these files to the server, while deleting them from your computer. This is done specifically to not load the server, sending the same thing. The period with which the sending takes place is exactly the same as the period for checking for updates - i.e. Two minutes after the module is loaded and after a time set in the module settings.

Here, perhaps, and all for today. Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus