Section annotation

Section annotation

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  • Creating annotations - dimensions, spot elevations, tags - on section views


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    Running the plugin is available only on "Section" views.


    The principle of the plugin is to create configurations that describe the rules for creating annotation elements for the three groups - dimensions, spot elevations, tags. At the top of the window is a drop-down list of configurations. The first in the list is always the dynamically saved configuration - the system configuration whose settings are saved when you close the plugin window.

    Depending on the selected configuration, buttons are available to the right of the list:

    2 - if a custom configuration is selected - save configuration changes. If the system configuration is selected - saving the system configuration as a custom configuration. Clicking the button will open a dialog box for entering the name and description of the new configuration:


    3 - irretrievable deletion of the selected custom configuration.

    Below there are groups with the settings of rules for creating annotations (they will be described later).

    At the bottom of the window there are two buttons to create annotations:

    Process all elements - all elements in the current view will be processed. This option is suitable for local sections.

    Process selected elements - only selected elements in the current view are processed. This option is suitable if you want to process part of a large section.

    In both cases, only groups and subgroups of annotation rule settings that are checked will be processed.

    Each of the three groups of annotation rule settings has a common scheme: in each group you need to add a subgroup of rule settings for a particular category of elements:


    At the same time, each group has common settings that you can use for each subgroup.

    The Offset from option in all groups and subgroups sets the starting point when creating annotations. If From element or From all elements is selected, the countdown starts from the borders of the rectangle built around the geometry of the element(s).


    The general setting Combine dimensions into a chain adds postprocessing for the created dimensions: if dimension lines lie on one straight line, the dimensions will be merged into a single dimension chain.


    In the center of the element geometry - if this option is enabled an attempt will be made to create a dimension in the center of the geometry. It is recommended to use this option in obvious cases. For example, horizontal dimension in case of the "Walls" category or vertical dimension in case of the "Floors" category

    Bind to grids, Bind to levels - when options are enabled, grids or levels collinear to the dimension line will be used when creating dimension

    Spot elevations


    Spot elevations are created with the "Leader Shoulder" property disabled.


    For tags, the Type must be specified for each category of workpiece.


    The end of the leader is set to the middle of the workpiece geometry or to the point closest to the middle of the geometry.

    For the "Rebar" category there is postprocessing - if the tags are lined up and tag the reinforcement with the same type and the same tag value, only one of the created tags is left.


    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • 2021 Year

    Revit: Section Annotation (05.09.2021)

    • Fix Removed the use of a static resource dictionary, which in some cases leads to errors when starting plugins.

    Revit: Section Annotation (09.08.2021)

    • New Added secure element processing with the ability to display annotation errors.

    Revit: Section Annotation (23.07.2021)

    • New Added ability to create dimensions for crossed rebar.
    • Improved Filtering in the type list for dimensions only suitable for linear dimensions types.
    • Fix Ignoring the "Can't set/get leader position..." error in the method of removing spot elevation duplicates.