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Internal dimensions on plan 2.0. Column dimensioning

We were repeatedly asked to make a plugin that would dimensioning the columns on the plan. Initially, we had plans to develop a large and complex plugin for dimensioning, but we decided to postpone this idea. And we added the functionality with the dimensioning of columns to the plugin Internal dimensions on plan.

Since version 2.0, the plugin now has two modes of operation:


The new mode process rectangular columns that are orthogonal to the floor plan:


Some of the dimensions in the screenshots have been moved manually, because after the plugin was running, they got on top of each other, but it's easier to move 2 dimensions than to create 22 manually!

Give it a try, share your ideas and comments. Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New Theme - Light Valencia

Introducing a new theme - Light Valencia

LightValencia en

The theme is light. The main background color of the window is the color close to white Alabaster, and the soft red color Valencia is used as an accent color. As for the controls, in this theme, almost all controls have rounded corners, which gives the theme even more softness.

ModPlus ESKD. Weld joint, Secant nodal leader, and hiding background for text

As we wrote last time - this year we will try to devote more time to the ModPlus ESKD plugin, and today we are glad to present you the new plugin features.

New Smart Object - Weld joint


Works according to all the same principles as all other linear objects.

New Smart Object - Secant nodal leader


The object is similar in almost all its properties to the Node leader, added in the last update, which allowed us to create it rather quickly.

By the way, we added three significant changes to the Nodal leader:

- for a nodal leader of a round type, we changed the construction principle to a more logical one - a circle is drawn, passing through a frame point:


Pay attention to this if you used a round type nodal leader - in your drawings, the graphics will change at the leader. Not a nice moment, but the change is worth it!

- added the property "Text is always horizontal", which allows you to put the shelf with text in a horizontal position, regardless of the rotation of the nodal leader:


- added value editor by double click. This is most likely not a new feature, but a fix for our oversight.

And finally, a nice change that was suggested to us in the Telegram group - now all smart objects with text have the ability to hide the background:


The background is hidden by adding masking along the text outline with the specified offset. If you turn on masking, do not forget to set the WIPEOUTFRAME system variable to a suitable value!

We also fixed a couple of bugs, some of which are described in the Change story.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!