Revit. MEP clash solver. Redesign, enhancements, and pattern work

Published: 29 December 2021

All those features you've been asking us for are already available in the new version of the MEP clash solver plugin! Slope engineering handling, bypassing elements from linked files, templating plugin operation, and more! Hurry and see how the plugin has been transformed:

New plugin for Revit. Apartment Layout

Published: 21 December 2021

Meet the new hit! A plugin for Revit - Apartment Layout!

If you design architecture in Revit, you know how routine the process of calculating apartment layouts is. "But there are so many plugins out there already!" - you say, and we answer:

New Year discounts 2022

Published: 17 December 2021

New year discount 2022 en

From December 17, 2021 to January 1, 2022, you can take advantage of a discount on all purchases using promo code


Have a happy new year!

Revit. Walls reinforcement. Horizontal reinforcement densification

Published: 15 December 2021

Today we have released an update to the Walls Reinforcement plugin and in this article we will briefly talk about the new features.

Revit. Tools. New "Restore Views" command

Published: 09 December 2021

During the discussion in our Telegram group we had an interesting idea - "it would be nice to be able to restore the views I have worked with". We had an idea for such a task and we have made a new command in the Tools plugin - Restore Views.

The meaning of the command is simple: when you open views in the document, the data about all open document views is saved. And when you close Revit by closing all the views at once, the data remains in the document. The next time you start Revit and call the command, the saved views will be opened. Profit!

We've demonstrated how the command works in a short video:

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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