Batch Rename


Batch Rename

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  • Batch renaming of parameter names, type names, parameter values ​​in the specified families
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    Plugin processes selected files or all files in selected folders. You can add a prefix or suffix, you can rename with search and replace. There are several options for setting up search and replace. There is the ability to use regular expressions to search for values

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    To start working with the plugin, open families using the Open families button in the lower left corner of the window.

    When you open family files, you will be offered three options: select files with an extension .rfa, select a folder and open all the files in the folder with the extension .rfa or select a folder and open all files with the extension .rfa, including all files in all attached files.

    After selecting the files, they will open and read the data - parameter names, type names and parameter values. The read data will be grouped by the uniqueness of the value. That is, if two families have two parameters with the same name, the table will display this parameter only once.

    In the right part of the window, you can specify the options by which you want to change the values:

    Prefix/suffix – in this group you can specify the prefix and/or suffix to be added.

    Search and replace – in this group you can specify which value to find and which value to change. Additional search and replace options are also available in the group:

    • Starts with - indicates that the value to be searched must be at the beginning of the value to be changed. For example, if you specify a rotation in the Search field, the Angle of rotation value will not be processed.
    • Ends with - by analogy with the previous paragraph, only processes values that end with the desired value.
    • Contains - handles any match.
    • Full match - processing of values only when the full match with the desired value.
    • Regular expression - indicates that the search value is specified as a formal search language (Regular expressions or Regex). For example, the desired value KZ\d+\.\d+? find matches in the value KZH15. 5_complete (find KZH15. 5) and KZH16. 1_complete (find KZH16. 1).

    In the list of processed data, the result will be displayed immediately. Only items marked with a check mark are processed.

    In the lower right part of the window there are buttons:

    Apply - makes changes to the family files according to the specified options, saves the files and re-reads the data. Only items marked with a check mark are processed.

    Apply and close - makes changes to the family files according to the specified options, saves the files and closes the plugin window. Only items marked with a check mark are processed.

    Attention! It is strongly not recommended to apply the plugin to different data processing options. For example, renaming parameters and changing parameter values. Use the plugin to handle data in a single context – parameter names, type names, or parameter values

  • Change history for

    2021 Year

    Revit: Batch Rename in Families (01.12.2021)

    Do not process marked positions if old and new values are the same.
    Correct processing of numeric parameters.
    Processing parameters specified by a formula.

    Revit: Batch Rename in Families (25.11.2021)

    Reading all parameters and displaying the reasons if they cannot be changed.

    2020 Year

    Revit: Batch Rename in Families (27.02.2020)

    Added the ability to change parameters property "Parameter of type/instance".
    Fixed the wrong entering numerical parameters when change parameter values.
    Added sorting when the values are displayed in all lists.

    2019 Year

    Revit: Batch Rename in Families (25.12.2019)

    Update related to replacement of support library.

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