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General rules

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Fundamental rules:
1. Create a topic in the appropriate branch! For each function has its own thread on the forum. Also for the configurator, the plugin in general, new ideas, etc. Do not be lazy to create a new topic - and other users are convenient and, most importantly, it is convenient for me to find! When the time passes and hands reach the correction of a function, I can simply not find your suggestion / comment, because it was written in an existing topic
2. One question is one topic! The rule operates on many forums. It's not scary, if there are many topics and they will be repeated - the main thing - it will be easier to find
3. The title of the topic is our everything! Try to give a "speaking" name for the topic. If that - I'll edit. For example, the theme "Formats" in the "Formats" section will not say anything
4. Create themes just about the plugin! I, as a plug-in developer, mean that users of the plug-in know the basics of working in AutoCad. I do not have any desire to do a forum on the themes of the auto-cad, there are plenty of such forums on the Internet. All questions about the auto cadence and work in it you can discuss, at least on, where there is a large number of experienced people ready to discuss your question

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