Offline installer

Available version: 24.5.19 (previous build 24.5.13)

ModPlus is modular software whose components are updated independently with an auto-update module. The offline installer is built for use in organizations where there is no or limited Internet access at the workplace.

Offline installer is in the form of an msi installation package. The package is built periodically (on average once a week), depending on the number or importance of updates that have been released. The installer version is based on the build date: the first number is the year (shortened. 2024 = 24), the second number is the month, the third number is the day of the month.

The installer can be installed in silent mode using startup arguments. Example:

msiexec /i C:\ ModPlus_offline_24.5.19.msi /qn

Installation package contains all basic components and files of all plugins, actual on the day of building the package.

The initial installation of ModPlus can be performed with AutoCAD or Revit open. Updating ModPlus with the offline installer should only be performed with AutoCAD and Revit closed.

During installation, the necessary registry entries are also created, including the standard adaptation menu, and ModPlus is connected to AutoCAD (via the registry) and Revit (by creating addin files).

Connecting ModPlus to Renga is not possible, as it requires administrator rights. To connect ModPlus to Renga, use the Configurator running as an administrator.

When uninstalling ModPlus via "Components and Applications", registry entries (including AutoCAD connection entries) and addin files used to connect to Revit are also deleted.

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