Your activity is the guarantee of quality!
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Your activity is the guarantee of quality!

Dear users! I would like to say a few words about the mistakes and your participation...

When a program is developed by a specialized firm, there is usually a special testing department. And before the program goes to sea it passes many tests. Yes, and work on the program a few people. And even in this situation, I have not seen a single program that does not have updates with bug fixes. Even our favorite AutoCAD - after the release always has servicepacks and bugfixes =)


But I'm not a specialized firm) Yes, I use my own functions and find mistakes myself and correct them. But I can not catch all the mistakes. To the same great role is played by a lot of factors: OS, system capacity, AutoCAD version, AutoCAD settings and, most importantly, different styles of work! For example - I never had to work, changing the world coordinate system (WCS) to the user coordinate system (UCS). Yes, and hardly when I have to. And in this regard, some functions may not work correctly in this case.

Maybe you have some function under certain conditions is not working correctly. And you think "I'll wait, when they fix it." And someone else is sitting and thinking too! And that in the end - neither one nor the other does not report an error. And if they do not report it, the probability that I will find out about it is

Therefore, I urge you to be more active! Your activity is the guarantee of quality! Write on the forum about mistakes, ideas and suggestions!

Thank you for attention