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ModPlus is a modular product and one of its main features is independent updating of components and plugins. But this feature has a negative effect - it is difficult to understand whether the installed version of ModPlus is up-to-date. The "Components" option is present in the auto update module, which allows you to check the relevance of components, but it is obviously not enough.

There is another negative effect - when using the installer, the version of the installer itself is added to the list of installed applications. That is, one user may have version 15.0 and another 31.0, but they will both have the current version of ModPlus.

That's why from now on we introduce the concept of General version. General version is an accumulative version of all major components and plugins. To get the General version we add up all versions of all plugins and add to them the versions of the main components - Configurator, auto update module, working libraries, product database and dwg database. This approach allows us to get both the current (local) General version and the available General version.

Today we released an update to the main components with support for General version - Installer, Configurator and auto update module. When installing updates, the auto update module will now also set the current General version in the list of installed applications.

The offline installer will not support the General version at this time for technical reasons. Its version, as before, will be built by build date.

Because of the addition of the General version, we have removed the "don't remind" option for new plugins from the Configurator and auto update module. All plugins must be installed for the version to be correct.

On the website, the General Version is displayed on the Download and Change story pages.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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