Automatic Updates Module

Automatic Updates Module

1 The most, perhaps, difficult in the development of the plug-in ModPlus was and remains - the update. I spent a lot of time on it and here in the plug-in appeared another update module.
Again?! - you will tell) And here and not absolutely! A couple of words about this read further (I ask you to read the whole record) ...

So why is it so difficult? - you ask. From a logical point of view, nothing complicated - I downloaded a new one and replaced the old one. But the essence of all the problems lies in the fact that you can not update the files that are currently "busy", and therefore - while running AutoCAD and the configurator! Uncomfortable. And that's not all - in view of its certain originality, the plugin's functions need not only be updated, but also corrected/written in the settings file!

Suppose that the plugin already had (and two!) Update modules. BUT! But, in the first place - there are two of them and this is already inconvenient. Secondly - I myself watched it - if a person did not install the plugin himself, but he was installed, then messages about new versions drive him into a stupor! Because - He does not know what to do! Thirdly - messages about new versions slowed the download of AutoCAD until you close the window.

And so I collected all the developments in one place and released a new update module - automatic! He himself will check for updates and new features and install them! And now a few important comments and explanations:

1. Do not be lazy and write me if in the module there will be errors or something like that! A thing like the update module, and even with the timers, it is very difficult to properly test!

2. Leave the module at startup. See this item in the settings. This request comes from the first point

3. So far, the old versions will remain. This is also related to the first point. At first I was going to immediately remove the old versions of the scan and the old update modules, but then I thought about it and decided that I'd better leave it for now. Let the new module work, show itself and then you can already clean up the old one.

Well, in general terms I will describe the principle of operation: after installing and running the configurator version in the ModPlus folder, the auto update module mpAutoUpdater.exe will appear. It immediately starts and immediately prescribes itself to startup windows. In the settings you can disable startup (but I do not recommend it).
Check for updates works by timer or by call from the context menu item. The time is adjusted (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours). With Autocad running or configurator, the module only checks for updates, but does not install them (why - wrote above). At all actions - that simply check that the update - you will see a pop-up message in the lower right corner of the screen.
In the settings, you can specify that the module will ask you for permission to install. But, in my opinion, this is for the most fastidious users ;)
And of course - through the module you can install updates from special installation files with the .mpif extension. This is in case there is no Internet connection.

In general - I really hope for your cooperation, dear users! If in the near future (maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months) the module will show itself well with updates, then all old versions of checking / installing updates or new functions (except, of course, setting functions via the configurator) will be excluded from the plugin