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Revit. Dimensions by line 3.0. New work algorithm

We are pleased to present you a completely redesigned plugin for Revit - Dimensions by line 3.0!

The most important feature of the new algorithm is the processing of elements that are not orthogonal to the axes:

mprDimByLine3 en

And this is not the only change! Read more

Single command

Previously the plugin was divided into two commands - one for settings and one for direct dimensioning. We have removed this division and now the command is just one. It will definitely be more convenient, especially with the option of cyclic operation.

Line preview

When the plugin is running on a plan, there is now a preview of the line along which the dimension should be created. This is, let's say, experimental and it doesn't always work correctly. But we decided to keep it, because in case it does not work correctly, it will not affect the plugin operation.

New categories

The following categories have been added to the list of processed categories: Levels (without intersection check), Area reinforcement, Path reinforcement, Pipe insulation, Duct insulation, Structural Rebar (dimensions), Reference lines. Also, the algorithms for processing many categories have been redesigned.

Working in the family editor

Now the plugin can be used in the family editor. However, only some categories can be processed there - mainly auxiliary lines and reference planes.

Organization settings

Support for organization settings has been added to the plugin. And with the ability to combine organization configurations and custom configurations.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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