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New features in the "Products" section

Meet Updating features from the "Products" section, which simply can not pass by!

Since everything is interconnected, the update comes out at once for 4 plugins – Product insert, Specifications, Products to table, Product position.

And if earlier you could only use blocks (not for all documents in the database) drawn by the function Product insert, now you can write extended data to any primitive, as well as use special attributes for specification.

I can't describe the whole words, so the unchanged "reviewer" of the plugin – Maxim Markevich – kindly did another review:

Probably affected by the fact that Maxim recorded the video at night - he misled the audience a little)) The fact is that the new opportunity Attributes for specification it is necessary just to use them with blocks NOT being products. Therefore, just in case, I decided to post a video example of how the new features work. The video does not contain music and sound. Yes, and the script as such - I just turned on the recording and started doing something =))

I have it all. Enjoy your work with ModPlus plugin

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