Service update

Service update


As you may have noticed, a week ago, we started mass updates of plugins marked "Service Update". Yesterday the update of the latest plugins was completed (at the moment there are 70 of them) and today the final stage is the update of the Working Libraries and the Configurator.

What is this update?

There won't be any visible changes for users, but this big update just needed to be done. The fact is that for a long time in working libraries any garbage accumulates - methods with errors, incorrect field names, outdated interfaces, etc. And many of these errors lead to code duplication: i.e. old methods remain in the code and new ones appear. Over time, this leads to inconvenience. And to remove the old code, we first need to remove its use from plugins, and then from libraries. Which is what happened this week.

Well, why this news?

The fact is that not all users update correctly. There are factors that we cannot influence in any way: antiviruses, network settings, hosting errors, errors in the operating system, etc. And it happens that only a part of the updates occurs, as a result of which you can observe errors like "Method not found or not implemented".

Don't panic! If suddenly your update happened incorrectly, then you can always use the web installer. It is advisable to run it as administrator. The web installer overwrites all files regardless of the local versions of the files!

We are working to make the product better! Stay with us!