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Dim offset

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    Pekshev Alexander
    Automatic movement of the dimension value that falls on the dimension lines


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    The application monitors all the created or edited dimensions and in case the dimensional text falls on dimensional lines, it moves the text aside!



    When the plugin is started, the status control window opens.:


    When checking the box Automatic displacement of dimension text on dimension creation tracking of all created dimensions is included, and if the dimension text falls on the dimension lines, the text will be moved to the side.

    Attention! If you are working in Revit 2017-2020, then before running the "Reload Latest" command on the "Collaborate" tab, you must disable the plugin, as the offset of the dimension text will be applied to the dimensions obtained from the loaded changes!

    When checking the box Automatic displacement of dimension text on dimension modify tracking of all dimensions existing in the document is included, and if editing a dimension (for example, adding new dimension lines) dimension text falls on dimension lines, the text will be moved to the side.


    If possible, move dimensional text down rather than to the side - if an offset is required for the text of a dimension chain segment and the offset can be performed towards the adjacent segment, then the text will be moved not only to the side, but also down:


    The state of the plugin is remembered in the settings and the next time you start Revit, the automatic tracking of the dimensions created is turned on/off.


    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • 2021 Year

    Revit: Dim offset (18.01.2021)

    • New For Revit 2017-2020: a note about using the "Reload Latest" command has been added to the plugin window.
    • New For Revit 2021: added disabling of the plugin when using the "Reload Latest" command.

    2020 Year

    Revit: Dim offset (12.04.2020)

    • Improved Minor bugs fixed.

    Revit: Dim offset (11.04.2020)

    • New An additional warning was added when the “Automatic displacement of dimension text on dimension modify” checkbox was checked..
    • New A new option has been added: “If possible, move dimensional text down rather than to the side”.
    • Improved Improved algorithm for displacement dimensional text with a large number of dimensional segments.

    Revit: Dim offset (07.01.2020)

    • The maximum value of the coefficient of displacement increased from 1.0 to 2.0.

    2019 Year

    Revit: Dim offset (19.08.2019)

    • Fixed the error “Unexpected tab”.

    Revit: Dim offset (21.07.2019)

    • Added a warning about the offset of the dimension text when editing.
    • Added the ability to perform text offset to selected dimensions.
    • Added the ability to restore the position of the dimension text for the selected dimensions.
    • Excluded Spot Dimensions and the dimensions with the property "Equality Display" equal "Equality Formula».

    Revit: Dim offset (19.02.2019)

    • Added context help call when pressing F1 on buttons in the ribbon.

    2018 Year

    Revit: Dim offset (11.12.2018)

    • Disabling automatic dimensions offset when synchronizing with the Central model.

    Revit: Dim offset (21.10.2018)

    • Removed auto offset before first power up.
    • ModPlusStyle styling.

    Revit: Dim offset (29.03.2018)

    • Improved algorithms for determining the new position for offset dimension values.

    Revit: Dim offset (18.03.2018)

    • Fixed error when trying to move a dimension value for a dimension whose value offset is not possible.

    2017 Year

    Revit: Dim offset (07.12.2017)

    • Some bugs fixed.
    • Removed additional verification of text position added in version, because the solution was wrong.

    Revit: Dim offset (02.12.2017)

    • Added additional verification of the position of the text, allowing more flexibility to work with the existing size with the enabled tracking mode for existing sizes.

    Revit: Dim offset (29.11.2017)

    • Fixed bug when creating dimensions like "Diameter" and "Radius".
    • Added an offset of the dimensional value to the side, not down, if there is enough space on the adjacent size in the chain.
    • Added the ability (enabled/disabled in the settings window) to shift the dimensional value when editing an existing size.

Pekshev Alexander

Pekshev Alexander


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