Multi mirror


Multi mirror

It's a free plugin!

  • Plugin allows to mirror each of the selected entities vertically or horizontally in relation to themselves

    Call options

    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palete
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpMultiMirror


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    Each selected entity will be mirrored vertically or horizontally with respect to a line passing through a specified point - Left Bottom, Right Bottom, Left Top, Right Top or Center. The point is determined by the rectangle that describes the entity (Bounding Box)


    Select objects:
    Selecting objects


    Create copies of selected entities – when this option is enabled, copies of the selected entities will be mirrored

    Base Point: – selecting in the drop-down list the base point through which the mirroring line will pass (displayed on the scheme in red color), 9 base point positions are available.

    Mirror by – selecting the position of the object mirroring line (Vertical/Horizontal)

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