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Aligning the extension or dimension lines along the specified straight line

300.00 RUB

Plugin is used to automatically add a layer to the created objects

Plugin allows quick replacement of blocks in the drawing with a sample block

100.00 RUB

It is an analog of a standard calculator, with the ability to retrieve data from a drawing, adding a result to a drawing, and the ability to manually write a formula for calculating

Remove specified formatting from multiline text

Clears the list of annotative scales in the selected annotative objects, leaving the current scale

200.00 RUB

Copies the selected text or block with an attribute containing a numeric value, changing the value to a specified numerical step

100.00 RUB

Break the selected dimension into two or more new

Plugin serves to change the draworder according to the layers

Base of various blocks and drawings

Fast copying of single line or multiline text content, mleaders, dimensions or table cells

Plugin of inserting in the drawing formats according to GOST 2.301-68/ISO 2016

Color highlight, restore or delete dimensions with an override value

Drawing layout manager displayed in the palette

Selection and calculation of the mass of reinforcing meshes according to normative documents

A collection of plugins that creates intelligent objects for drawing up drawings according to the rules of ESKD

200.00 RUB

Multiple copies of selected primitives with a certain step

Plugin allows you to scale each of the selected objects relative to themselves

Plugin for viewing the normative base

150.00 RUB

Plugin for working with frequently-used notes

Collection of various plugins for working with polylines

300.00 RUB

Plugin of inserting products from the ModPlus database as blocks containing extended data

Plugin adds/removes a position to the selected products and allows position marking of the item

Plugin allows you to fill the specification table with the selected ModPlus products

100.00 RUB

Working with assortments of reinforcement - obtaining various information and calculations

Plugin is used to change the rotation angle of attributes in the selected blocks

300.00 RUB

Plugin allow you to select objects that are similar to sample objects from all objects in the drawing, or from a specific set

200.00 RUB

Plugin for setting the sheet number in the document and in the volume in ModPlus format and title blocks

200.00 RUB

Plugin for the formation and filling of general specifications

200.00 RUB

Plugin allows you to create, store and add layer sets, text styles, dimensional styles and multileader styles

Gets and displays the number and sum of the lengths of selected lines, polylines, circles, arcs and splines

Plugin of inserting AutoCAD tables into the drawing according to GOST/DSTU/STB or from the specified file

Plugin allows you to create templates of the text part of the section according to "Resolution of the Russian Federation No.87" with the title page according to GOST R 21.1101-2013

Plugin allows you to create a single line text or align the existing one in the middle between two specified points

300.00 RUB

Plugin of inserting title blocks in the drawing (as AutoCAD tables) according to normative documentation, with field support

100.00 RUB

Plugin for quickly creating Totals with the possibility of obtaining values from the drawing