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  • Plugin of inserting products from the ModPlus database as blocks containing extended data

    Call options

    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpProductInsert


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    Plugin creates AutoCAD blocks based on data from the database. Extended data is added to the blocks, which allows processing these blocks with other plugins and creating a specification based on them
    Plugin also allows you to add extended data to ordinary AutoCAD entities
    Important! Blocks must be inserted with this plugin or copy already inserted, otherwise (when inserted by normal means AutoCAD), extended data will not be added!

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    There are two additional buttons in the window title bar:

    1 1 - opens the search panel for documents in the database:
    1 2- opens a window for editing the list of documents used by the plugin. If you do not want to use any document from the database, then simply disable it:

    The main window of the plugin contains the following parts (top to bottom):

    Choose a section – drop-down list to select the database section (Reinforced concrete, Metal, Wood/Plastic, Materials, Other)

    Filter by groups – allows you to filter the displayed documents into groups. For example, blocks, rolled products, etc.

    Select a document – drop-down list of documents in the selected section.

    3 - Open image for this document, if available in the database

    Below is the name of the selected document and a table for selecting products with their characteristics. The status of the document is displayed to the right of the name of the document: Acting, Inactive, No information or legislation.

    Under the table are the properties of the products that must be specified. Properties change depending on the selected document.

    Product position – indication of the position of the product. Optional parameter required for filling specifications later.

    Side view, Front view (section), Top view – option to display the product when inserting it as a block

    Masking – when you select an option, a masking AutoCAD element will be added to the block, to hide objects behind the block

    Insert – go to AutoCAD to indicate a point (if the selected document does not support product rendering, the button becomes inactive)
    Insertion point:
    Specifies the point to insert the block. A block with a simple product geometry, drawn by the values of the specified element in the table (or by the values selected in the drop-down lists of properties) will be inserted at the specified point

    When a plugin inserts a block into a block, extended data is written with all the properties of the product. This advanced data will be used in processing by other plugins. During normal block copying, extended data is saved. However, if this block is reinserted using standard AutoCAD tools (Insert -> Block), the block will NOT have extended data and, accordingly, will not be processed by other plugins!

    Replace block - go to AutoCAD to select a block
    Choose a block to replace:
    Block selection in the drawing. The selected block will be deleted, and a new block with advanced data will be inserted in its place (see the work by pressing the button Insert)

    Add to entity - go to AutoCAD to select a entity
    Select the objects to which you want to add data for the product:
    The choice of any entity. Advanced data with information about the specified product/material will be added to the selected entity.

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (08.11.2023)

    Using the ModPlus.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf.dll library instead of Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll to resolve compatibility issues with other plugins.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (10.03.2023)

    The "Add to entity" button is made active for any product.

    2022 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (20.12.2022)

    Fixed fatal error when changing insertion variant in AutoCAD 2013.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (24.01.2022)

    Added the ability to replace multiple selected blocks.

    2021 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (11.04.2021)

    Fixed a bug with selecting a table value when opening a plugin window if there is no saved value.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (17.02.2021)

    Fixed a bug where the height of products was not set.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (19.01.2021)

    Fixed a bug where the entered sizes were not saved.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (06.01.2021)

    Redesigning core code with support databases with an optimized codebase.

    2020 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (16.06.2020)

    Added rendering pipes for the topic "Wood/Plastic".

    AutoCAD: Product insert (29.03.2020)

    In the drop-down list of the document names prefixed with the short name of the product and added sorting documents in alphabetical order.

    2019 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (28.09.2019)

    Added the ability to specify the block scale products.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (03.04.2019)

    Changed status display of the document from icons to text.

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (25.11.2018)

    ModPlusStyle styling.
    Changes in the contextual menu.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (28.07.2018)

    Replacement of main function icons adding icons for dark themes the AutoCAD ribbon.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (23.05.2018)

    For linear products (which require specification of length), insertion options "By two point" (side view and top view) and "In form of polyline" (cross-section) are added.

    2017 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (07.10.2017)

    Added ability to save entered dimension values.
    Added rounding to integer numbers of measured sizes.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (18.04.2017)

    Added the ability to stretch the window.
    Added filter by main groups of items in the database..
    Added loading of all documents from the database, except for those disabled by the user..
    Added sorting by database sections in the disable / enable documents window.
    Added display of the status of the regulatory document.
    To indicate the dimensions of the product (length, width, height, diameter) added the ability to measure the distance between two points in the drawing.
    Added option "Replace block".
    Added option "Add to entities", which allows to write data of a product/material to the extended data of any primitive.
    In the context menu for primitives with extended data, the MR item has been added: Product data allowing viewing information of the selected product/material.
    Added notes for additional product/material properties in some documents..
    Some bugs fixed.

    2016 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (05.03.2016)

    Removed the button "minimize the window".
    Added remembering last feature of these data: the steel, the density, the additional properties item in the table.

    AutoCAD: Product insert (21.02.2016)

    Added the ability to edit the list of documents used by the function.

    2015 Year

    AutoCAD: Product insert (23.06.2015)

    For primitives in the generated set unit properties "Block" that will allow you to change the block color, style and weight of lines.
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