Fast text copy

Fast text copy

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    Pekshev Alexander
    Fast copying of single line or multiline text content, mleaders, dimensions or table cells


    About files with the extension .mpif

    The file with the .mpif extension is a special installation file of the ModPlus (ModPlus Install File).
    These files allow you to install and update all ModPlus components using the auto-update module in case you do not have access to the internet or


    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpTxtCopyPaste


    32x32px 16x16px 32x32px 16x16px


    The plugin works in cycles - i.e. actions are repeated until the user completes the command by pressing Space, Enter or Esc.

    Select source entity (text, mleader, table or dimension) or [Delete]:
    Selection of the source entity from which the text content will be taken. Or mode Delete selection

    Select entity (text, mleader or table) to replace the content:
    Selecting an entity whose contents will be replaced by the contents of the source entity. If the Delete mode is enabled, the source entity will be deleted. If the source entity was a table, the contents of the cell will be deleted.

    If you select a table, a prompt appears to indicate the cell.



    Yse - source entity (or the contents of a table cell) will be deleted

    No - source entity (or the contents of a table cell) will not be deleted

    Default value - No. The selected value is saved in the current drawing.

Pekshev Alexander

Pekshev Alexander


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