About ModPlus

About ModPlus

The ModPlus plugin consists of several separate components:

  1. Configurator  - is the base of the plugin. It is used for configuring functions, setting up menus, selecting the binding of your version, etc. It also serves as a manual installation if you have access to the internet
  2. Auto-update module - is a special designed module that monitors and updates plugin components in automatic mode. The auto-update module also allows you to put updates or missing components in offline mode (without access to the internet network)
  3. Working libraries - libraries (* .dll) required to connect ModPlus plugin to AutoCAD/Revit, as well as auxiliary libraries and third-party libraries
  4. Data bases - contain information on assortments, materials, etc. The databases are made in the form of dll-libraries and are used by some Functions
  5. Dwg Base - is a special database of files in the * .dwg format used by the Dwg base Function
  6. Functions - directly functions themselves in the form of single dll-libraries

This breakdown allows you to update components of the plugin independently of the other components, which in turn leads to the main plus - you do not need to wait for updating the entire ModPlus plugin. For example, you found a bug in some function and told the authors. And tomorrow you and all other users will be able to get a new version of the Function with a fixed bug (of course, this is subject to the availability of opportunities for developers). There are no more such features in any plugin!

In the Help section we tried to describe all the components as much as possible, and in the FAQ section you can find answers to some questions

The ModPlus plugin is written using Net Framework 4.5 and higher. Accordingly, its operation requires Windows 7 and higher.

ModPlus plugin supports AutoCAD from version 2013 and Revit since version 2015. Some Functions for Revit work only in later versions (2016, 2017, etc.) for reasons beyond our control.