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If you follow the updates, you will notice that this morning there was an update of the working files. Well, more precisely - last night. And after going into the history of changes, they saw that a new (until the first and only) mini-function "Set Nested Objects to ByBlock"

So what is it? - you ask. Now I will explain, at the same time telling where the idea was born

I'll tell you straight from the example:

I got a file from a related organization. Situational plan. In this file, the slopes were combined into blocks. And here's the bad luck - I'm working on a dark background, and the subcontractors are apparently on white. And opening this file, I saw the following:


So i can damage my eyesight ))

So for a more comfortable work, I just need to change the color for the slopes. But they are made by the block and changing the color for the block - nothing happens. Why is that? It's easy - all the attachments (primitives inside the block) should have the properties "BYBLOCK" in the properties, so that the block changes in appearance by properties (line type, color, line wheight). Also what it is necessary to do? Open the block, select all primitives in the block, set the properties "BYBLOCK", close the block. A lot of action, is not it?

But I was lucky - in Civil 3D, the blocks in the context menu have the item "Set Nested Objects to ByBlock" - it is immediately clear why this item. And I thought - why is it that users of a AutoCAD do not have such a lotion? Functionality is rarely used, but it can be very useful! However, it is not so remarkable to do a separate function, draw an icon to it, etc.

So I decided to make an undocumented section of mini-functions. The functions that will be included in the plugin itself. They will not have icons, they will not be in the ribbon and most likely will only be in the context menu (P.S. Of course they can also be called from the command line). And in the plug-in settings window you can enable/disable these menus

This is how the first mini-function appeared - Set Nested Objects to ByBlock:

3 4

So, if you have ideas for such mini functions here - welcome to the forum.

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