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Revit. Numbering 6.0. Configurations, grouping by parameter and other features

Introducing a major update of the Numbering plugin! Version 6.0.

Waiting for you:

  • Configurations
  • Alphabetic numbering
  • New sorting algorithm on views
  • Grouping by parameter
  • Possibility to deselect an element in an ordinal selection

Configurations are now available to you:

en 1

Each configuration saves all numbering settings. Simply change the configuration to suit the current task and do not waste time on constant reconfigurations!

Alphabetic numbering

Specify a letter as the initial value and letter numbering is available to you:

en 2

You can choose from three standard alphabets, as well as customize a custom alphabet. For example, the alphabet for Grids numbering.

Sort on view

We have completely rewritten the algorithm for sorting (Left to Right and Top to Bottom, Left to Right and Bottom to Top, etc.) elements on a view. Now the algorithm does not rely on absolute X and Y values, but on the position of elements relative to the current view. This means that sorting will now work on Sections as well!

Grouping by parameter

Added a new feature - grouping by parameter. You can enable grouping, specify a parameter and set the behavior in the group. For example, start numbering in each group or use one number for all elements in the group:

en 3

Ordinal selection

We've added the ability to deselect an element when it's an ordinal selection:


And we've also added a display of reasons why you can't run numbering and fixed some bugs!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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