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ModPlus ISO. Concrete joint. Thick arrow

Two new smart objects have been added to the ModPlus ISO plugin!

Concreting joint is a kind of linear smart object that allows you to construct a broken line. The most common use is to mark a concreting joint on a drawing:


Thick arrow - a small smart object that allows you to show a thick arrow. You can adjust the line thickness, width and height of the arrow, and display the arrow on both sides:


We have also added an important change - "light" rendering of linear objects during creation. When creating linear objects, only the last segment will be drawn, and when the object is completed, the full drawing will be done:


This option will be useful when using linear objects that contain many geometric objects in their graphics. In the future we plan to optimize handles of linear objects in a similar way.

It is important to note - we plan to make this plugin partially paid. That is, the main smart objects will remain free, but we will add specific smart objects and auxiliary commands to them. Most likely even as a separate tab on the ribbon.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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