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Revit. Apartment Layout. Typical floors

Recently we were approached by our customers who actively use the plugin Apartment Layout with an interesting problem: when modeling a multi-story building with the same floors, they received different apartment areas. And the problem arose not because of the plugin, but because of Revit itself - in some cases Revit creates slightly different room outlines.

After a joint brainstorm, the client and we came up with an interesting solution - typical floors. And today we are happy to present the release of this solution!


So, the idea is quite simple (although the realization took time) - a new type of sources appeared on the Sources tab - typical floors. In this tab you specify which floor is typical for others. For example, you can specify that the first floor is typical for floors two through five. That is, all of these five floors have the same layout. Then you will only need to collect and calculate the first floor, and for floors two through five plugin will simply copy the values from the rooms of the first floor.

This innovation also has its own nuances. For example, if you do not calculate the first floor, but run the calculation on the second floor with the option Take into account typical floors enabled, you will get an incorrect (empty) result, and at the same time, no errors in the plugin window. We have described the difference in the operation of the algorithms of collection and calculation with taking into account typical floors at different processing areas (on the view or in the model) in the help.

Also, the update adds more responsibility to designers - if incompatible floors with very different layouts are specified in the table of typical floors, the results of area collection and calculation will be unpredictable and incorrect.

Today's update brings not only a new feature, but also eliminated an old one - we have completely removed the service of automatic recalculation of areas. Numerous feedbacks with experience of use showed that this feature was more often harmful than beneficial. 04.09.2023 - by popular demand the service was returned but moved to a separate command!

We are glad that our plugins are actively implemented in many organizations and we are always working with feedback from our customers! Subscribe on the social media platforms you're comfortable with and stay in touch with us!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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