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The first function for Revit: Sheet copy

More recently, the ModPlus plug-in has started supporting the Revit program. In the news Hi, Revit i wrote that I personally will not write anything under Revit. What ... I lied =)))

So, meet the new and very first function for Revit – Sheet copy. All the features of the function I demonstrated in the video:

And a few words about this all: I have almost no experience with Revit. About the experience of programming for it - it is logical that there is none at all. Therefore, some errors in this function are not excluded. So be careful and persist before using.

About the fact that it is paid - it's no purpose. I would not say that in terms of programming it was mega-complex, but the reason for paying is quite different - there is an analog of this function in Autodesk app store and she costs ... drum roll ... $35! So my $5 is just a symbolic value ))

On this I have everything. Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus

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