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Revit. Numbering. New schedule numbering algorithm

One of the tasks that various programmers in Revit constantly solve is the numbering of schedules. And the problem is that there is no way in the API to do this easily. And if there is a more or less normal solution for the schedules with the checkbox "Itemized every instance" checked, then for the schedules with the unchecked checkbox everything is a little more complicated.

In the Numbering plugin, we found one way to work, but it turned out to be very "heavy" - that is, the plugin takes a very long time, depending on the number of lines in the schedule. And this option remained in the plugin until a new idea came to us.

And today it happened. We will not engage in deception and let's be honest - the idea does not belong to us. Today one of the users sent us the code of the numbering script, which he found on some forum and could no longer remember where exactly. So we don't know the author of the idea. But we really liked the idea, and we implemented it in our plugin as soon as possible. And the result is impressive! In a test file with a schedule for 264 elements (33 lines), the plugin started working for 2 seconds instead of 20 seconds!


Hurry to try the new numbering algorithm and tell us about the results! Be sure to write if something went wrong!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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