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ModPlus partially goes to open-source


As you know – most of the plugins in ModPlus are free. Some of the plugins were not even developed by me – someone gave me the plugins just like that, and someone I ordered their development (Yes, friends, for money).

So I weighed the PROS and CONS and decided to make the code of free plugins (and some parts of the ModPlus platform itself) open.

And here are the main reasons:

  1. I one, and plugins more 50 + itself platform + site. It's hard
  2. Exchange of knowledge and experience. Someone will learn something from my project, and someone will bring something of their own
  3. Possibility of faster bug fixes. If there is a bug in some plugin and the user is able to fix it – then he can do it
  4. One of the primary reasons (with her I began to think about the question) - a plugin for AutoCAD ESKD. I believe that this is a very cool project that has almost no analogues. I plan to make it not just open, but also write an article with instructions on how to supplement it

Paid plugins I do not plan to open for obvious reasons =)

I will add plugins and other components gradually. The description in the projects will be in English.

I hope that this news will attract everyone to the project to share their knowledge! And of course the link to GitHub.