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Evolution of the "View Filters" plugin

More recently, a plugin called View Template Filters was released - a small and simple plugin that allowed you to copy filters between view templates while preserving graphics override settings.

And I thought about the plugin like this: "A little feature - I'll do it and forget." Oh, how wrong I was! Literally on the very first day after the release, I was showered with suggestions regarding this plugin. And most of the suggestions were the same.

And for whom are all plugins made? That's right - for users! And so I'm glad to present you the evolution of the plugin:

  • Plugin renamed to View Filters
  • The plugin now allows you to copy filters both between view templates and between views
  • Search is now available in both lists
  • Filtering is also added to both lists, similar to Revit
  • Added commands to collapse/expand and check/uncheck


Hopefully the plugin will now satisfy more of its users' needs!

Enjoy working with ModPlus

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