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View filters

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  • Managing view filters and view template filters with the ability to copy filters between view templates and/or views while maintaining graphics override settings
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    The plugin window is divided into two main areas:

    The left area contains view templates or views, and filters for those templates or views, with the option to check (select) filters.

    The right area also contains view templates or views, and filters, but with the ability to check (select) view templates or views.

    Both zones contain filtering and searching elements:

    • - a drop-down list that changes the data source for filling the list - view templates or views.
    • - drop-down list with options for filtering by group of views, similar to Revit.
    • - text field for searching by filter or template name (type)

    Important! The plugin window displays only views that have no template applied! And at the same time, only views that can have visibility filters!

    2 - copies the filters checked in the left area to the view templates or views checked in the right area. New filters will have the status Created and are marked with a green bar.

    When hover the mouse over the filter, a delete button appears. If the filter existed in the view template or view at the time the plugin was launched, it will receive the Removable status and will be marked with a red stripe. In this case, instead of the delete button, a button will appear that allows you to clear the Removable status. If the filter has the Created status, then it will be removed from the list.

    Apply - applies all new filter statuses in the current document. Filters with the Removable status will be removed from the view template or view, and filters with the Created status will be added to the view templates or views. This will copy the graphics override settings for the created filters from the original view templates or views from which the filters were added.

  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Revit: View filters (22.08.2022)

    Added copying of graphics/visibility override settings in case the same filter is copied between different views.
    Displaying view names along with their type.
    Added remembering the value of "Views/View Templates" option.
    Added a quick search for the current view in the list of target views.
    Fixed a bug where the "Check all", "Uncheck all", "Collapse all" and "Expand all" buttons did not take into account the search results (processed hidden views/templates).

    Revit: View filters (17.06.2022)

    Fixed a bug that prevented the right search from working.

    2021 Year

    Revit: View filters (18.06.2021)

    Added no launch in families.
    Fixed error «Filter is already applied to the view».

    Revit: View filters (21.02.2021)

    The button for copying filters is now available only if there are checked filters in the left zone and checked views in the right zone.
    The "Apply" button is now available only if there are filters in the right zone with the "New" or "Remove" status.

    2020 Year

    Revit: View filters (22.09.2020)

    Fixed bug with filtering by group of view types in the right list.

    Revit: View template filters (20.09.2020)

    Added processing of views from the group " Rendering, Drafting Views".
    Loading the list of templates/views is collapsed to speed up the loading process.

    Revit: View template filters (17.09.2020)

    Plugin renamed.
    Added the ability to copy filters both between view templates and between views.
    Added filtering by type of views, similar to Revit.
    Added tree search in the right zone.
    Added collapse/expand and check/uncheck commands.
    Improved search algorithm: if there is a match by the name of the template (view), then including filters are not hidden.

    Revit: View template filters (08.09.2020)

    Considered the "Visibility" property when copying filters.

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