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  • Tracking and displaying the last hidden or last selected elements

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    This tab tracks the selected elements and assigns them to groups. Groups are added to the list from top to bottom (i.e., the most recently selected elements will be at the top of the list). If the selection of elements was interrupted or reset, a new group is added to the list. If all selected elements have the same type, the group will be displayed with the type name in the plugin window, otherwise the group will be displayed with the word "Various".


    selection - selecting elements of this group
    eye off - hidden elements of this group
    sunglasses - isolating elements of this group


    This tab tracks and remembers hidden elements, which allows you to restore the visibility of only certain (groups of) elements, not all elements. If the hidden elements at a time have the same type, in the plugin window the group will be displayed with the type name, otherwise the group will be displayed with the word "Various".


    2 - restores the visibility of elements in the group and removes the group from the list.

    The principle of the plugin is based on tracking changes in the current selection of elements - if the selected elements have become hidden, they are added to the list of the plugin. Due to the limited capabilities of the Renga API there are some cases of incorrect operation:

    • if you hide a host element that contains other elements (for example, a wall with windows), then only the host element will be listed in the plugin
    • if you call the standard "Show All" command, the list in the plugin window will not be cleared
  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Renga: Last (08.08.2023)

    Fixed an error occurring when closing a project while a plugin window is open in Renga 6.

    Renga: Last (29.03.2023)

    Added "Make visible" option to the "Selected" tab.

    2022 Year

    Renga: Last (30.06.2022)

    Disabled the option to close the plugin window by pressing Esc.
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