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  • Filter selected objects by category
    About files with the extension .mpif
    The file with the .mpif extension is a special installation file of the ModPlus (ModPlus Install File).
    These files allow you to install and update all ModPlus components using the auto-update module in case you do not have access to the internet or

    Call options

    • Context menu in 3D view, Level view


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    The filter is launched via the context menu in the 3D view when there are selected objects.

    The window displays the categories and the count of selected objects. You can change the set of selected objects, leaving only those categories that are marked in the list


    Select all – select all categories in the list

    Select none – unselect all categories in the list

    Accept – closing the function window using changes in the set of selected objects

    Cancel – closing the function window

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Renga: Filter (04.04.2022)

    Service update.

    2020 Year

    Renga: Filter (07.11.2020)

    Service update.

    Renga: Filter (01.06.2020)

    Changed initial window size.

    2018 Year

    Renga: Filter (02.09.2018)

    Added function work on levels.
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