Quick properties


Quick properties

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  • Quickly view and edit the properties of selected elements

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    The plugin responds to the object selection change event.

    The top part of the plugin window displays the number of selected objects, as well as a property filter by object category.

    The property table has three columns. The first column displays the number of objects with this property out of the total number of selected objects. Property values are changed on the fly with a delay of half a second, which improves the convenience of input when changing the property of a large number of objects.

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Renga: Quick properties (05.04.2022)

    Reread all properties when one changes (for updating property values ​​with formulas).

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