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  • Copy parameter values between elements or within one element
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    The plugin contains various copying options, allowing you to configure which elements to copy to. There is a possibility of copying a composite value (from several parameters to one). There are filters for selecting items by category and parameter values. There is an opportunity to convert values between different types of parameters

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    The plugin works with several copy options that differ in the handling of elements:

    • Copy within an element
    • Copy from one element to several
    • Copying from host to children
    • Copying from parent family to nested

    After selecting an copying option in the drop-down list in the upper part of the window, next to the list, the controls for the saved user configurations will appear:

    Drop-down list with the names of the saved configurations of the current copying option. When a configuration is selected, it is immediately applied

    Save - saves all settings to the currently selected configuration

    Save as New - saves all settings as a new configuration. When the command is called, a dialog will appear in which you need to specify the name of the new configuration. It is not allowed to specify an empty value, the name of an existing configuration, as well as characters prohibited in file names (\ /: *? “<> |)

    Window elements in all variants have similar settings with some differences.

    Copy within an element


    In this copying option, select the elements for processing in the Processed elements group. More details about filters and options for selecting items will be described below.

    Copying from one element to several


    In this copy option, you need to select the source element (from which the parameter values will be copied) in the Source element group, and also select the target elements (to which the parameter values will be copied) in the Processed elements group. More details about filters and options for selecting items will be described below. The original element selected without using filters.

    Copying from host to children


    In this copy option, you need to select host elements in the Host elements group, as well as child elements in the Child elements group. More details about filters and options for selecting items will be described below.

    In the Child elements group, pre-filtering of children is configured. And already in the process of copying, a check will be made of the belonging of the elements to the host. The child must belong to a host from the list of selected elements in the Host Elements group.

    Copying from parent family to nested


    This copying option requires you to select parent families in the Parent families group and, if necessary, configure filtering for nested families. If no filtering is configured, all nested families will be processed. More information about filters will be described later.

    Other settings

    Sample element (Sample target element, Sample nested family, etc.) - one element is selected in this group, on the basis of which the list of parameter names is filled in when setting up copying rules. If one group is displayed, then the parameter name lists are populated for both the source parameter and the target parameter. If two groups are displayed, then, respectively, one fills in the list of parameter names for the source parameter, and the second for the target parameter.

    Selecting the type of copy rule - allows you to add a copy rule to the list of parameters of the Single, Composite or Composite arithmetic type.

    Parameter copying rules - a list of parameters copying rules. There are three types of rules:

    Single - copies a value from one source parameter to one target parameter


    On the left, in the input field, the pattern of the name of the source parameter is indicated, on the right - the target parameter.

    To the left of the input field, for each parameter, the search option is indicated: search for a parameter by full match of the name with the specified value or by partial (i.e., the parameter name must contain the specified value).

    To the right of the input field there is a button with a + sign that opens a dialog for choosing a parameter name. The button is available only when the corresponding element pattern is selected. This option allows you to more conveniently fill in the name pattern to find a parameter based on a sample element.

    Composite - copies a composite value from multiple source parameters to one target parameter


    In the left part you will find the search patterns vertically and the separators after them. Each separator can contain no more than three characters. In the right part there is a preview of the result.

    For example, as a result of copying the values of the original parameters with the configuration:


    you will get a result like Wall (2.5 m³).

    Copying a composite value occurs only if all original parameters are found in the element!

    Composite value is copied only to the text target parameter!

    Composite arithmetic - performs concatenation of initial parameter values into formula, calculates value by formula and inserts the result into target parameter.


    On the left side there are vertical search patterns for the parameter and input fields for operators, parentheses, and functions. The right side contains a preview of the formula.

    Copying an arithmetic value can be performed to a text or numeric target parameter. If copying is performed to a text parameter, a prefix and/or suffix can be added to the result.

    You can use operators and functions in a formula.

    The following options are also available at the bottom of the group:

    Try to convert values between different types of parameters - if the option is enabled and the type of the value of the source parameter differs from the type of the value of the target parameter, an attempt will be made to convert the copied value. Does not apply to the Composite arithmetic rule.

    Overwrite existing target parameter values - if the option is enabled and the target parameters already have a value, they will be overwritten. Otherwise, copying will be skipped.

    Processed elements - in this group, the selection of processed elements is performed taking into account filters by category and parameter values.

    Filter elements by category - allows you to set the condition for filtering elements by element category.

    Filter elements by parameters - allows you to set the conditions for filtering elements by parameter values. The instructions for setting up the filter are given in the filter creation dialog.

    AND/OR - Indicates whether both filters should be considered or whether a match with either of the two filters is sufficient.

    Below is a drop-down list that sets the condition for selecting elements: in the entire model, in the current view, a custom selection or a custom selection without taking into account the filter. When selecting items on the left, the number of items matching the filtering conditions is displayed.

    Perform copy - closes the plugin window and copies the parameter values ​​according to the configured copy option. The result of the work will be displayed in a special window:


  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Revit: Copy parameters (20.06.2022)

    Fixed an issue where the header of the "Add parameter" button could not be displayed.

    Revit: Copy parameters (11.05.2022)

    Processing of nested families of all levels.

    Revit: Copy parameters (11.05.2022)

    Added option to copy from parent family to nested families.
    Added composite arithmetic copying rule.
    Added option to remove initial parameter name patterns from composite rules.
    Added preview of results in composite rules.
    Added an option to select an element from a linked file as a source element for the variant of copying from one element to several elements.
    Redesigned composite rules with an option of specifying any delimiter.
    Removed the "Over windows" property.
    Using the displayed value of numerical parameters at direct copying.
    Fixed an issue where icons were not displayed on the parameter search option button by name.

    Revit: Copy parameters (04.05.2022)

    Fixed plugin startup error.

    Revit: Copy parameters (02.05.2022)

    Service update due to the transfer of some functionality to the working libraries.

    Revit: Copy parameters (16.02.2022)

    New categories were added to the list of host-element categories.

    Revit: Copy parameters (31.01.2022)

    Copying the workset name when copying from the original "Workset" parameter to the target parameter with a string data type.

    2021 Year

    Revit: Copy parameters (13.10.2021)

    Do not add a separator in a compound parameter if the source parameter has no value.

    Revit: Copy parameters (13.10.2021)

    Added new delimiters for composite parameter: "-(" and ")-".

    Revit: Copy parameters (01.06.2021)

    Increased the number of parameters in a composite parameter from 3 to 10.

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