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Cuts the selected elements in the view cube, with the possibility of specifying the size of the view cube

Plugin allows you to simplify the work of establishing a associating between the parameters of nested families with the parameters of the parent family

Batch renaming of parameter names, type names, parameter values ​​in the specified families

1000.00 RUB

Analysis, grouping and reinforcement of beams for specified conditions

Manage all imports of dwg files in the current document

1000.00 RUB

Analysis, grouping and reinforcement of columns for specified conditions

200.00 RUB

Filter elements by parameters, which works as a context menu

Batch elements copying to the opened documents

500.00 RUB

Copy parameter values between elements or within one element

Batch copy sheets to open documents

Quickly create a crop view by specifying a rectangular crop area

Automatic movement of the dimension value that falls on the dimension lines

300.00 RUB

Placing dimensions on the plan along the specified line

External dimensions on the floor plan

Automate the fix for duplicate families or types

500.00 RUB

Plugin allows you to insert a table from Excel into a Revit drafting view

300.00 RUB

Internal dimensions on the floor plan

Solves MEP elements clashes

Create a new dimension chain from selected dimensions that lie on one straight line

Remove objects of certain categories from the model with the ability to remove unused elements

150.00 RUB

Plugin for working with frequently-used notes

Adding numbering to the specified parameter of elements with the possibility of numbering in the schedules

500.00 RUB

Fill patterns manager with the ability to import, export, edit and create

Change the state of the visibility of the rebar (view unobscured and veiw as solid)

Search for schedules in a project that contain the specified value

500.00 RUB

Creating annotations - dimensions, spot elevations, tags - on section views

300.00 RUB

Plugin allows you to make copies of the specified sheets with different settings

300.00 RUB

Plugin allows to renumber sheets in the project

1000.00 RUB

Analysis, grouping and reinforcement of slabs for specified conditions

Create new dimensions from segments of the selected dimension chain

Quick creation of spot dimensions on section and elevation views

A collection of small auxiliary plugins

A collection of small auxiliary plugins for working with rebar

Managing view filters and view template filters with the ability to copy filters between view templates and/or views while maintaining graphics override settings

3000.00 RUB

Analysis, grouping and reinforcement according to given conditions of walls and openings

200.00 RUB

Manage, create, and apply worksets