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Import from Excel

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  • Plugin allows you to insert a table from Excel into a Revit drafting view
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    Plugin supports the conversion of basic properties of cells (size, borders, color) and text (font, size, position, color). Plugin writes information about the imported table to the current project. Plugin allows you to monitor the changed source data in real time

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    The main window of the plugin is divided into two parts. In the left part of the window, the list of imported Excel sheets in the current project is displayed. On the right side there are buttons for import management.


    Each item in the list of imported worksheets contains the following information:

    • Table – corresponds to the name of the drafting view on which the table is drawn
    • Status – the status of the table. Possible values are: Ok, Table update required, The source file is missing, Source sheet is missing or renamed
    • Source file - the name of the file from which the table was imported
    • Source sheet - the name of the sheet that was drawn

    Import control buttons

    Add – opens a dialog box for adding a new table (see below)

    Update – redraw the table selected in the list

    Replace Source - replace the original Excel file and redraw the table

    Open view – Open the drafting view on which the table is drawn

    Open source file – open the Excel file from which the table was imported

    Delete – delete a drafting view on which the table selected in the list is drawn

    When you refresh the table, a button Abort update appears, which allows you to abort a table update:


    In the upper right part of the window there is a button that opens the settings window:


    Thickness of lines – A list of line thickness ratios from Excel with Revit line weights. Valid values are from 1 to 16

    Add new table


    In this window you specify from which file and sheet in the file to import the table and in which drafting view to insert (draw) it. First of all, you need to select a file by clicking on the button with three dots. After you have selected the file, the list of sheets in the combo box below will be filled. Next you need to select the required sheet in the list of available worksheets. After you have selected the sheet, you must specify in which drafting view it should be drawn. You can create a new drafting view or specify an existing one.

    Attention! When you import a table into an existing drafting view, all data in the view is deleted!

    Information about the table is recorded in the extended data of the drafting view at the time of import. Next, you need to perform two actions:

    Convert – starts the process of converting the selected sheet into intermediate data, through which the drawing will occur

    Insert – creates a new drafting view (if necessary) and draws the imported table on it using Revit's annotation elements

    Attention! Rotated text processing is only available in Revit 2019 and higher!

    Tracking changes in real time

    At the moment when the main window of the plugin is openly monitoring changes to the source file in real time. As soon as the source file is saved, in the main window of the function for all items in the list referring to the source file, the status:


    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2021 Year

    Revit: Import from Excel (12.11.2021)

    Correct display of plugin windows (on top of the Revit window, but not on top of other application windows)
    Ignoring an error when failing to read the color of existing colors in the project

    Revit: Import from Excel (05.09.2021)

    Removed the use of a static resource dictionary, which in some cases leads to errors when starting plugins

    Revit: Import from Excel (13.07.2021)

    Added an option to change the source for an existing table
    Added saving of the last opened folder when selecting an Excel file.
    Improved the accuracy of getting the width of the cells
    Fixed an error that occurs when adding new tables if the color of filled region type created when tables were previously added has a changed fill color

    Revit: Import from Excel (27.03.2021)

    Added replacement of prohibited characters in the name of the drafting view being created

    2020 Year

    Revit: Import from Excel (06.06.2020)

    Bug fix selection width in the localized value text buttons

    2019 Year

    Revit: Import from Excel (04.09.2019)

    Added capturing and displaying top-level errors

    Revit: Import from Excel (03.08.2019)

    Added processing of text rotated 90 degrees (only Revit 2019 and higher)

    Revit: Import from Excel (01.07.2019)

    Fixed error when trying to create text cells that contain only whitespace

    Revit: Import from Excel (03.03.2019)

    Fixed bug with reading Excel file with number of sheets is less than three in the limited version of the function

    2018 Year

    Revit: Import from Excel (22.11.2018)

    Fixed a fatal error when reading data from a drafting view on computers with the optional designation of the time before noon and afternoon (AM/PM)

    Revit: Import from Excel (21.11.2018)

    Added update view name when re-open function after rename a view in the project manager
    Fixed error when deleting a table if open only one drafting view

    Revit: Import from Excel (29.10.2018)

    Fixed an error when searching for a suitable type of the TextNote

    Revit: Import from Excel (21.10.2018)

    Functions rebuilt to work with the format of Open Office Xml (xlsx)
    Removed the settings window. Settings moved to main function window
    Added error handling when converting/building an excel sheet without interrupting the process of the function
    Small bugs fixed
    ModPlusStyle styling

    Revit: Import from Excel (20.06.2018)

    Fixed the cause of fatal completion of the work of Revit in case of error reading excel file

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