MEP clash solver


MEP clash solver

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  • Solves MEP elements clashes
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    The plugin performs MEP bypassin. To do this, you first select the intersecting elements (the elements you want to bypass), and then simply select the elements in the model that you want to bend

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    The plugin has two operating modes Standard and By templates, each with its own tab. The plugin window opens on top of all windows and doesn't block Revit, which allows you to work conveniently without having to re-run the plugin.



    Before you can create a bypass, you must configure the settings using the following instruments:

    • Offset setting - sets the offset relative to the axis or the outermost edge of the bypassing element in millimeters.
    • Angle, ° - specifies the angle of the bendable element.

    Below you can configure the categories of the bypassed elements. Pressing playlist edit opens a selection window, where you need to select the necessary categories.


    Next, the selection of bypassed elements. It is suggested to select from the drop-down list where the bypassed elements are located: in the current files or in the linked files.


    To select bypassed elements, click the Bypassed elements (...) button. Each time you select a bypassed element using the left mouse button or the selection rectangle, it is automatically added to the bypassed collection. The button displays the number of selected elements.


    To clear the collection of bypassed elements, press delete.

    Next are the tools for controlling the bend direction, which set the offset when building a bend in the case of vertical (Top, Bottom) and horizontal (Left, Right) intersection.

    To perform a bend, without closing the plugin window, select the elements in the model for which you want to create a bend. If the selected element is acceptable for processing and the bypassing elements collection is not empty, the Bend (...) button becomes available.

    If multiple bypassing are selected and one element intersects them all, the bend will be built through all the intersected elements at once.

    Before bend:


    After bend:


    If an error has occurred while building the bend (most often related to setting incorrect offset and angle values), a window with options for further work will be displayed:


    By templates

    Allows to perform bends in batch for a large number of elements by pre-configured templates, with the ability to filter by category and parameters.

    The basic algorithm for performing a bypass is the same as in the Standard tab.

    To start, a new configuration of the template must be created by pressing the plus circle outline at the end of the line. To delete an existing configuration, press delete sweep.

    The template is a rule box in which the bypassing settings are set:


    To add or remove rules, use buttons plus circle outline and minus circle outline respectively.


    The upper part of the rule represents the bypass presets window from the Standard tab.

    By clicking the filter menu button it is possible to filter bending and bypassed elements by parameters and values of these parameters.

    Parameters can be entered or deleted with the corresponding plus circle outline and minus circle outline keys.


    It is also possible to select AND or OR filter conditions, where:

    AND - for an element to be selected, it must match all filters;

    OR - it is enough to match one of the filters.

    To perform the bypass, click the Execute button.

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Revit: MEP clash solver (22.05.2023)

    Fixed a bug that created a vertical bend instead of a horizontal one in some cases.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (28.03.2023)

    Fixed an error that occurs when rotating trays.

    2022 Year

    Revit: MEP clash solver (09.12.2022)

    Fixed a pipe processing bug.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (03.12.2022)

    Added error description when creating elbow fittings.
    Fixed some errors in cable tray processing.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (23.11.2022)

    Fixed an error that didn't detect a traversed element.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (21.11.2022)

    Changed icons.
    Added command access settings on the ribbon.
    Fixed defining of displacement direction for a piece of bendable element.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (05.08.2022)

    Small changes to the plugin window design.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (17.04.2022)

    Added possibility to set the offset from the axis.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (01.04.2022)

    Restore the initial connections of the processed network elements.

    Revit: MEP clash solver (12.02.2022)

    Corrected the bug with bypassing elements on the left and right sides.

    2021 Year

    Revit: MEP clash solver (29.12.2021)

    Redesign, enhancements, and pattern work.
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