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  • Plugin for working with frequently-used notes


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    The main window of the plugin contains three main parts: work with user notes, work with standard notes, settings



    When working with user notes, a note file must be specified. In the upper left corner there is a field displaying the current notes file. To the right of the field are buttons for working with the file:

    file upload - open an existing notes file
    file plus variant - create a custom notes file

    All notes are divided into sections. In the left part of the window there is a list of sections, in the right - a list of notes for the selected section. The controls for the corresponding list are right. The section controls include

    pencil - renaming selected section.
    delete - delete the selected section. When you delete a section, all notes related to the section that you are deleting will also be deleted!

    Note controls include:

    plus - add a new note. A special window will open for adding a new note. This window is described below.
    playlist plus - add a note from the text. When this button is clicked, the function will switch to Revit to select the text. The function supports adding a new note only from multi-line and single-line text. After specifying the text, a special window will open for adding a new note. This window is described below.
     playlist edit - edit the selected note. The button is active only when the note in the list is selected. A special window will open for editing the note. This window is described below.
    delete - delete selected note.

    When adding or editing a note, a special window opens:


    Choose a section - A drop-down list containing sections already added to the user notes file

    Or create new - text field in which you can specify a name for the new section. When specifying an existing section and specifying the name of a new one, preference is given to the new one. a new partition will be created

    Text notes - text field containing the text of a new or edited note.



    Working with standard notes is similar to working with user notes except for the ability to add or remove notes from the database


    The lower part of the plugin window contains the elements for inserting the selected note:

    Insert - go to Revit to select an insertion point:
    Specify the insertion point:
    Specify the insertion point. A new text with a custom width will be inserted.

    Add to exist - go to Revit to select existing text:
    Select text:
    In the selected text, a note will be added from the new line.

    Text Width, Text type and Horizontal alignment - set the appropriate properties for the inserted text.

    List - selects the list type for the inserted text.


    cog (gray) - opening/closing the departing field with settings


    Double click on a note - setting the corresponding action by double clicking the left mouse button on the note in the list

  • Change history for

    2024 Year

    Revit: Notes (28.04.2024)

    Fixed a bug where multiple copies of the plugin could be run.

    2023 Year

    Revit: Notes (12.11.2023)

    Added ability to specify horizontal alignment for created text.
    Added ability to specify list type for created text.
    Using the ModPlus.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf.dll library instead of Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll to resolve compatibility issues with other plugins.

    2022 Year

    Revit: Notes (17.12.2022)

    Changed icons.
    Added command access settings on the ribbon.
    Fixed a bug where notes were added in reverse order when adding to existing text.

    Revit: Notes (02.02.2022)

    Added ability to select and insert multiple notes.
    Added creation of a backup file of user notes.
    The plugin window has been made non-modal (does not block the Revit window).
    Adding notes containing line breaks to existing TextNote.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the "Add to existing text" item from working when double-clicking.

    2020 Year

    Revit: Notes (01.11.2020)

    Service update.

    Revit: Notes (27.07.2020)

    Added the ability to insert a note in the text with saving the formatting of the existing text.
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