Room volume

Room volume

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  • Showing the volume of rooms in color using DirectShape


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    The Plugin lets you create DirectShape elements based on the volume of rooms in the model and assign different colors to the DirectShape elements you create. In the plugin window, you can group the created DirectShape elements by the value of the associated room parameter, and you can assign a single color to all DirectShape elements in the group



    Plugin allows you to create a room volume view in the model using DirectShape in the “Generic Model” category. Elements of the DirectShape type refer to non-editable geometry.

    Plugin window consists of three main parts: selection of the grouping parameter, the volume views tree, the create and remove buttons


    The Create button has two commands:

    (Re)create for all rooms - removes all previously created volume views and creates new ones for all placed rooms.

    Create missing - creates volume views for all rooms, for which no volume view was created before.

    The Remove button has two commands:

    Remove all volume views - removes all volume views created by the plugin (all that are displayed in the tree).

    Remove volume views without the source room - removes all volume views not associated with the placed room (i.e., when the source room has been deleted).

    Depending on the selected grouping option, the views are displayed as a tree. The views are grouped according to the value of the associated room parameter.

    You can change the color for each grouping as a whole and for the volume view individually:


    If you put the mouse cursor over the tree elements, additional commands appear:

    3 - set random colors for all volume views of rooms in the group
    4 - selecting the room volume vie and shows it in the center of the screen
    5 - remove the volume representation from the model

  • Change history for Year

    2021 Year

    Revit: Room volume (16.10.2021)

    • Fix Fixed a build bug that caused the Revit 2019 plugin to be reinstalled.