Side of the world


Side of the world

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  • Orientation analysis for rooms through windows, doors, curtain walls in the enclosing walls
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    The orientation analysis for rooms is performed for windows, doors, curtain walls. The result of the analysis can be written to a room parameter or to a window, door or curtain wall parameter.


    Write result to a parameter of: - select where the results of analysis are to be written. The selected option affects the availability of fields for indicating the parameter.

    Filter rooms: - optional filter of rooms by parameters. If nothing is specified, all rooms will be processed, depending on the option selected.

    Parameter: - the name of the parameter for writing the result of analysis. The parameter must be of string type. The field is available, if in the drop-down list Write result to a parameter of: you have selected the option Rooms or Rooms and elements.

    Elements for analysis: - selection of element types, by which the analysis will be performed. To perform analysis you must choose at least one type.

    For each type you can set the optional parameter filter and parameter name to record the result. The field Parameter: is available if in the dropdown list Write result to a parameter of: you have selected the option Elements or Rooms and elements.

    Execute - switch to selection of rooms (selected, in current view or in the whole model) with further analysis of orientation through windows, doors or curtain walls, located in enclosing constructions of rooms.

    Orientation is recorded as values "N", "S", "E", "W", "NW", "SW", "NE", "SE". If the orientation is written to a room parameter and several orientations will be found in the room, they will be written with a "+" sign. For example, if the room has a window facing north and a window facing east, the result will be written as "N+E".

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Revit: Side of the world (10.12.2022)

    Changed icons.
    Added command access settings on the ribbon.

    Revit: Side of the world (23.07.2022)

    Treatment of openings in walls that do not directly surround the room.

    Revit: Side of the world (23.06.2022)

    Fixed an error that occurs when trying to process invalid elements.

    Revit: Side of the world (17.05.2022)

    Improved algorithm for determining the side of the room, taking into account the rotation of the building.

    Revit: Side of the world (14.05.2022)

    Added accounting of enclosing structures from linked files.

    Revit: Side of the world (12.05.2022)

    Record the side of the world without the "+" sign for corner rooms.

    Revit: Side of the world (12.05.2022)

    Made some improvements to the code.

    Revit: Side of the world (09.05.2022)

    Consideration of the base point rotation.
    Fixed a bug with access to the input field of the room parameter when there are no saved settings.
    Taking into account the absence of a category of elements when searching for related elements.
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