AutoCAD 2018


I welcome you dear users of the ModPlus plugin. I do not get tired and will not get tired of listing the advantages of the plugin! One of the distinguishing features is its "modularity" and the system of auto-updating. And this means that you do not have to wait until I remake EVERYTHING! Therefore, ModPlus plug-in leads in relation to other products in the issue of the relevance of versions for new products from the supported Autodesk product line. On March 22, the official release of the new version of AutoCAD 2018 was released and

already from today the plug-in ModPlus supports AutoCAD 2018.

Today I updated Configurator (version and Auto update module (version, who will "see" the new AutoCAD and the functions that are relevant to it. And already today almost all functions will have a version for AutoCAD 2018. And if you use Auto update module, then do not miss the output of any function. The only function that will have to wait is Stamps. The reason is simple - shortly before the release of the new version of AutoCAD, I began to make changes to the function (in particular, additions of supporting documents from different countries, as implemented in the function Tables) and now I just can not physically release the version under AutoCAD 2018 until I finish the job. But I do not think that everyone will immediately run into the new AutoCAD =))

On this I have everything. Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus

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