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Greetings to you, Ukraine and Belarus

Sometimes I look at some of my functions and I think "well, like there's nothing more to add" and opa - there is! In the picture, I'm sure everything is clear

Well, a few words about this…

Personally, I have no "political problems" with regard to Ukraine. What can I say - I do not even watch the news!

A couple of times I was offered to expand the database of tables and stamps, taking into account the work of users from the countries of the near abroad, and finally my hands reached me. I started with a small and simple - with the function Tables. From the point of view of programming and the operation of functions in it, everything is simpler. For starters, I added tables from only two documents: DSTU B A.2.4-4: 2009 for Ukraine and STB 2255-2012 for Belarus. These documents are analogues of GOST 21.1101-2013 for Russia. And even with such a small amount, I was so shaky =)

Next, I will gradually update the functions that work with stamps – Stamps, Formats, Totals, Sheet numbering. Then you will need to add new tables to the function Tables, after which you already make the required changes to the functions that work with the specifications – Reinforcement, Product insert etc. The amount of work is quite colossal and will not take long! By the same to much more work with the site, and other functions require attention (and still need to manage to work and live). But as a result, the plug-in ModPlus will acquire another characteristic of uniqueness!

Well, that's all for me. Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus!

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