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Revit. Reinforcement. Shapes of longitudinally bent rebars

Today we released minor cumulative updates to all plugins in the line of reinforcement - we fixed some bugs and made a couple of changes to the code, which users probably do not even notice... But we would not write a whole article on the site because of this, if not a significant change - now you can set the preferred shape of longitudinally bent (bent "in the bottle") rebars!


Those who have been using our plugins for a long time know this problem and know how long it took us to find a solution. So we looked at the problem from a different angle and suddenly we had an epiphany! And now there won't be dozens of new shapes being created when creating longitudinally bent rods! We are probably even happier about this fact than all our users put together!

This news is valid for the plugins Walls reinforcement and Columns reinforcement.

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