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Revit: Fix family types duplicates

Recently, when testing ModPlus, one of the organizations asked me the question "Is there a plugin for replacing duplicate types in families?" After the discussion, I learned that somehow in the project not only duplicate families can appear, but also duplicate types of families. Most likely these are rare cases and they occur only under certain operating conditions. And these are the conditions in this organization.

Well, since we already have a plugin that performs a roughly similar task - replaces duplicate families - it was decided to extend it as well. And now the Fix families duplicates plugin can also replace the types of families. It can be used, in principle, not only for replacing duplicates, but also simply for mass replacement of standard types.

I didn't make a video, so I am attaching a screenshot of the new functionality. I am sure that the screenshot is enough to understand how the plugin is configured and works!


Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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