Fix families duplicates

Fix families duplicates

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    Automate Duplicate Family Correction


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    Plugin allows you to copy types from duplicate families to the main families, copy the values of the parameters of types, update instances of families, and also delete duplicate families



    The upper part of the function window contains a tree of families grouped by category. Each item contains two families: the duplicate family (on the left) and the main family (on the right). At startup, the function searches for duplicate families by the standard mask - "FamilyNameN" (where N is an integer).

    3 - adding a pair of families to the processing list if duplicate families do not fall into the list using the standard search mask.

    Use the following window to add a new pair of families:


    The left part of the window is filled with families grouped by category. Families are displayed in the tree only if the category has at least two families. Also in the list are no families that are already used in the main function window. After choosing a duplicate family in the left part on the right, a list of other families will be filled from which you should select the main family.

    At the bottom of the window, specify options for processing:

    Copy missing family types - in the main family new types will be created that are present in the duplicate family and are absent in the main family.

    Copy parameter values of family types - the parameter values will be copied from the types of the duplicate family to the main family. Copying is performed when the types names match. This option can be used without copying types.

    Replace types of family instances - instances of duplicate families will be replaced by instances of the main family with the installation of a similar types.

    Set family type from source family - for instances of duplicate families, the checked type from the source family will be set.

    Copy parameter values of replaced family instance - the instance parameters values will be copied from the replaced duplicate family to the replacement main family.

    Delete duplicate families - duplicate families that do not have instances in the model will be deleted.

    Run - execution of all specified options for families whose sizes are marked in the list.

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Pekshev Alexander


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