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Corporate Subscription and LAN License Server

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In the plans for the development of the plugin ModPlus the introduction of the plugin in the design organizations. In the near future there will be some changes that should contribute to this and today I bring to your attention one of them.

The change itself consists of two parts: Corporate Subscription and LAN License Server. One without the other simply cannot exist.

A corporate subscription works in almost the same way as a regular subscription - you purchase a subscription for a specific product (or all products at once), choose the subscription validity period (3, 6, 12 months) and - the main difference - choose how many users will be distributed by subscription. Moreover, with a larger number of users, the cost of one workplace decreases. And, of course, when purchasing a corporate subscription, it is required to indicate the Registration Key.

And the main difference - Registration key and Subscription Activation Key used in LAN License Server.

LAN License Server - this is a separate application that is installed on any computer on the local network (or on the server, if it is running Windows). In the License Server you get a Registration Key (binding to a hard disk) with the help of which the purchase is carried out. And also you insert the acquired activation keys into the License Server. They can be used any number - workplaces will be summarized.


In end users (consumers) plugins, you must specify the ip address of the computer on which the License Server is installed and the port number.


And that's all - just run the License Server. When users launch an application (AutoCAD, Revit, Renga), users will communicate with the license server and, based on the data received, access to the full version of the paid Features will be checked.


On the license server page everything is detailed, so I think it will not cause any difficulties. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the first version of the License Server, so bugs are possible.

And I will immediately answer the question that may arise from some advanced users - why not make an online license server on the Internet? Everything is simple - firstly, not all organizations have access to the Internet (imagine), and secondly - such complex things need to be implemented as the plugin grows. This means that everything is entirely possible in the future.

So tell your managers about such a new and convenient opportunity and let’s grab design organizations! After all, the more users will have a plugin, the more useful Functions will be implemented in the plugin!

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